What Our Patients Are Saying

"I feel safe and comfortable with my Dr. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. The office staff is professional, courteous and respectful."

"I am very pleased with this facility, personnel and Physician. All are very friendly, helpful and professional."

"Both Dr. Moulton and his nurse Jenny were interested, curious, responsive and comforting. In particular, Dr. Moulton has a terrific "bedside manner". He is warm and welcoming while respectful and courteous. I always feel that I have his full attention and focus. He is never rushed but leaves no stone unturned."

"Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and helpful. The doctor was thorough with his questions and procedures, as well as cordial and professional; I felt cared for. I was directed to another part of the building for lab work, which again was handled very promptly, cordially and professionally. When it was time to leave, I needed help in finding the right exit; the radiation gal walked me a considerable distance to where my car was parked and was it was like going for a walk with an old friend. I received a call early the next morning advising me of blood work results ("all good") and how I could access a copy online. Seriously, it's been many years since I've been treated so well by medical personnel. I love this place and everyone in it!"

"Dr. Bentley and her staff were amazing. Very impressed."

"I looked at the practice on-line as well as having Dr. Ivester and Ogden Regional Hospital staff recommend Dr. Bentley".

"Dr. Deremer and her staff are the most professional providers I have ever had. They truly care about their patients. I love them!"

"The wonderful care we receive from your practice is greatly appreciated. My wife has a very unusual and obscure malady and Dr. DeRemer has been so accommodating in her roll-up-your-sleeves-lets-figure-it-out attitude. And her staff is just the best we have ever associated with!!!"

"Dr. DeRemer is an exceptional doctor. She is caring and considerate of my questions and concerns. She is knowledgeable and current with the care I receive. Her medical recommendations are thoughtfully conveyed in consideration of my current needs and conditions. I greatly appreciate Dr. DeRemer, as my primary physician."

"Dr. Deremer is an outstanding physician. It is very clear she truly cares about her patients. I appreciate her thoroughness in providing health care, informing you about your care and that she encourages her clients to play an active part in maintaining good health. She is a true advocate for her clients. She is genuinely kind, caring and considerate."

"Dr Moulton was great. He made me feel comfortable about my visit and was thorough on asking questions appropriate to my care and answered my questions well."

"I am very pleased with the staff. Dr. Moulton is awesome. He takes time to listen and communicate in a down to earth manner, not rushing through my time with him, as I know he is very busy, I appreciate his professionalism and caring manner. Thank you all!"

"My provider was willing to spend the time I needed talking to me about my conditions and treatments. This was VERY GOOD of him and it's why I am very satisfied with my doctor visits."

"Dr. Bentley has done more good for me in less than 1 year than my other Dr. did in 20 years. Thank you."

"Dr. Bentley has such a lovely bedside manner that I have referred my sister and daughter to her. She listens and understands. I believe she really does care. I couldn't be happier with my choice."

"Was very impressed with Dr. Bentley, she will stay my doctor, until I pass away. She makes me want to be the perfect Pt. I have been compliant with all her recommendations. She truely is an amazing doctor, I feel blessed to have her for a doctor."

"We appreciate the quality of care we always receive. Thank You!"

"Very impressed with Dr Herold's thorough examination of my mother. He was very caring and took the time to do cover all the issues that she was dealing with."